our story

Simple, slick, streamlined silhouettes. Easy to slip on and comfortable to wear!

Our shoe shapes and styles are pretty straightforward with clean lines and no-fuss geometry. You probably figured it’s inspired by Aksha’s travels to Scandinavia and influences from Lars.

We love tones, hues, shades, tints ...basically every synonym of ‘colour’! With each season we try telling a new Colour story.

You would have noticed how colour takes centre stage in our shoes. Aksha’s roots from India being the obvious reason. She thinks that often colours of India are interpreted through a very simplistic view of being bright and psychedelic. Whereas, such a large and varied country consists of different regions and each with its own unique colour stories. From muted neutrals, to earthy tones, to soft pastels as well as bright and contrasting hues. We reference these versions through our shoe stories.


The minimal flora shapes & motifs add a bit of zest & subtle whimsicalness to the shoes.

Another aspect you might have noticed is our love for flora motifs cut-out in leather. This comes from Aksha’s obsession for lattice(jali) walls from her architecture days. It is a lot more subtle and minimal that suits the times we live in.


Aksha was born in Bangalore, in the south of India. However, she grew-up across this multifaceted country moving every two to three years because of her parents careers. At a very early age, she was exposed to the arts & crafts primarily because of her parents interests. After high school, she did her bachelors in Architecture and went on to work as an architect for couple of years. Eventually, there came a point where she wanted to explore the realms of design & crafts further. Having heard about the traditions, crafts and impeccable eye for finish & details in Italy, led her to study in Milan. She took her master’s degree in Accessories Design and shifted her focus to Fashion. Fashion was a new subject but it became a great interest especially understanding it from a cultural, social & economic point of view. 

These factors how it plays an integral role within a woman’s wardrobe to a whole society. Specialising in shoes came naturally, since the approach to design & craft were quite similar to her background in architecture.



After Italy, Aksha moved to London with her Swedish husband Lars, whom she met during her Masters course. London was an obvious choice, because of the dynamics and its multi-cultural influences from across the globe. The Brand was co-founded together by them in 2011. Aksha primarily works across all aspects of the Brand - design, production, marketing & sales. Lars plays a key role in structuring and bringing clarity to the brand and it’s future.