Why are there pre-orders?

This is a new business model we are working with. Pre-orders gives you - the customer the choice of more colours and size variations, than the regular order with limited variations.

These orders placed in advance, are sold at a discounted price. As a young and niche brand we would like to give our customers the opportunity to be part of building and investing in the brand. We intend to actively involve our customers in getting their thoughts and feedback whenever possible in shaping and growing the brand forward.

How does the pre-order work and when does the customer receive the shoes?

Once we receive a total of 150 pairs of pre-orders, we will start the process of production. After the production geins, please expect two months from then for your shoes to be delivered. We will keep you posted on each and every step of the process.

The sooner we reach a total of 150 pairs (across all styles and colours), the faster we are able to deliver the shoes to you. Therefore it would be of great help if you could share our shoes and brand to friends and colleagues who might be interested in getting a pair or two.

Delays in delivery

We've been working with our current factory and suppliers since 2013, and we completely trust their craftsmanship and quality of work. However, having said that, not everything is in our control. At times, there might be delays in the supply and assembly of components, which could delay the whole production process. We have prepared our factory for pre-order productions and have also included some buffer time in case of any delays.

Exchanges & Returns

Before we go into production, we will confirm your order - style, colour and size. In case you would like to change the style, shoe colour or even cancel your order, you are welcome to do so.

However, after we go into production it would be very difficult for us to alter and make changes to the production. If there are any problems, we will do our best to support you on a case-by-case basis. Please pay attention to our explanations about sizes and colours, to ensure we can provide you shoes that match your expectations as far as possible. After the pre-ordered shoes are delivered, we will accept returns and exchanges if the shoes are faulty or damaged. We will do a careful quality inspection with our factory. Our production numbers will be limited, but we will add some additional stock.

We aim to be transparent and communicate with you at each and every step of the process and inform you of any possible hurdles during or after production.


All pre-order payments are processed through Celery. The payment will only be deducted once we reach a total of 150 pairs and confirm your order before production